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Welcome to our world! We are a group of visionaries, healers and writers with innovative ideas, who are here to  help heal the world and awaken you to the idea that life is not as it seems and so much more than we think. In a time when so many hunger for a deeper more spiritual understanding of themselves and the world, Angel Works Group offers new insights to bust the illusions and move more effectively through these troubling times.

We are a think tank for the higher good and our mission is to awaken within you the light of who you really are beyond the ego mind, so you may come to view life from a more heavenly perspective, and return to the true authentic self you were born to be. After all that is your divine birthright. 


Hi, I'm Judy Quay. I'm a certified spiritual coach, published singer songwriter with ASCAP and a writer with new programing for television. Our vision is to share our many projects through music, film and television, that we may be a source of love, peace, clarity and comfort, and in essence, your candle in the dark. We are on a mission and we need your help.

If you are a producer looking for new programing of a spiritual nature that inspires, uplifts and encourages the masses in ways not of the mainstream, please contact us. We'd like to join together with you to create the kind of shows/films that bring viewers back to the heart, where all healing begins. If you're an angel investor, or simply wish to contribute to our music project for the world through a donation, please do so by clicking on the paypal button below.

All private sessions for spiritual coaching with Judy are $60 an hour. Please note, no one will be turned away if you are unable to pay the $60 fee. I will accept a donation if you are in a financial hardship as an even energy exchange. You can pay via paypal for phone sessions and for sessions in person, cash or money order. 


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