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Our mission statement ~

Among our many goals at Angel Works Group, there is one that was inspired by a vision I received 6 years ago. This vision was to create television shows of a universal spiritual nature targeted for mainstream audiences to provide viewers with programs that move away from the negatively based selection of shows so prevalent in media today, to shows that inspire, uplift, heal and encourage the masses to awaken to the idea that life is not as it seems and more than we think. One of the ways we can turn the tide of pain, chaos and suffering in the world is to give viewers a better choice of programing that lifts them from their darkness and motivates them to start thinking differently. How do we change the consciousness of the world when we continually feed the masses more darkness? We change it by creating intelligent and spiritually responsible programing that pulls people up and gives them a reason to be their best selves. Energetically, the world has been steeped in the lower based mind because of this.Television is a powerful medium as we all know, but it is being atrociously abused for the self serving benefit of those who feed off of negativity for the sake of material gain. But, there is another way.....

We have blueprints that consist of 40 shows in treatment/script form that encompass anything from reality to talk shows, global news to dramadies, comedies, human interest, documentaries, spiritual cartoons for children, music videos to films, along with shows that bring new alternative healing approaches to the mainstream, all with a spiritual universal theme to reach those in the box as well as outside the box. We are visionaries looking for producers, writers and angel investors who can align with this vision and who see the importance of these shows for the higher good.

We are also working to create a cutting edge healing center to utilize the highest healing properties available on the planet by using an ancient sacred design...the pyramid. We envision this center to be a nexas somewhere in a beautiful area of Los Angeles, where people can come from all over the globe to heal imbalances, afflictions and disease. Since ancient times the pyramid has been known for transmuting disease and anything of a toxic nature, and by using the energies coming through this pyramid healing center we'll have the greatest chance to heal people on many different levels naturally. When we as a people heal, the world is healed too. Our center will offer many healing modalities from cutting edge healers and practitioners of the highest level, to private one on one sessions in spiritual coaching, to classes on a variety of subjects dealing with the spiritual/metaphysical world. We also want to nurture the creative spirit at this center by providing an oasis for writers, musicians and artists to reconnect with their muse, offering a theatre/concert setting for their works and plays to be performed to inspire and awaken the heart. This is our mission and we greatly appreciate in advance your time, interest and help, many thanks!

Biography ~

Judy Quay started out as a singer-songwriter at the innocent age of 14, where she tried out her compositions at local coffee houses in her home state of Maryland. After evolving to the more acceptable age of 21 she moved onto clubs and eventually the hotel circuit in Washington, DC where she performed for national and international dignitaries at "The Embassy Row Hotel" and then on to the Sheraton Park and Shoreham Hotels. She was known as one of Washington's best kept secrets. 

She moved to New York City after being discovered by an agent and had 11 years of working her craft as a performer-singer-songwriter for Famous Music and the Entertainment Company. She recorded with many of the leading songwriters throughout the mid 70's and 80's, garnering a gold and platinum album for the song "I'll Never Get Enough Of You," recorded by the pop rock group "Air Supply," co-written with Gary Portnoy and Jeanne Napoli. She was known to be a singer who could sing many different styles, which over the years challenged her to finally pinpoint her sound as "celestial" in nature, stirring deep expression's of the heart. 

After moving to Los Angeles in 1987 Judy continued to work as a singer-songwriter performing with her long time writing partner, Roy Rede. After many trials and tribulations working in the music industry and feeling completely at odds and displaced, she let go of the music and stumbled into menial labor employment that had nothing to do with her true gifts, but simply supplied a paycheck with little reward. Burned out and ready to check out, she turned to her spiritual roots which constantly mirrored another path for her to walk. It became obvious that her calling lay in the spiritual world.

From a young age the tell tale signs were there, as she was always one that others came to for advice, inspiration and upliftment. In fact much of her music has a sense of positive reinforcement, denoting a spiritual quality as if to connect the listener with more ethereal realms. She is a natural teacher for spiritual understanding and has an appealing down to earth way of communicating messages from the divine. She is here for the spiritual upliftment of humanity and the higher good, and to teach others how to connect with the still small voice within and live the life they were born to live. 

Judy continues to reside in Los Angeles pursuing new projects in the music and television industries, while keeping her door always open to those in need of spiritual coaching. She received Spiritual Certification studying with Rev. Dr. Barbara Rose and attained Reiki Certification with the Reiki Academy of Los Angeles. She is also a minister with the Universal Life Church. She is affiliated with Famous Music/Sony ATV Music Publishing/Dust Of Heaven Music Publishing and is a member of ASCAP. She created Angel Works Group as an umbrella for the many spiritual works she and her associates are developing.   



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