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Daily Shot In The Arm

Did it ever occur to you as you sit there wondering, if the dreams you dream will ever come true? Well, believe it or not, your dream or gift is what's missing in the world. Think about it, each of us comes into this life baring gifts, did you forget? Did you get so pulled down in the muck, that you lost sight of what they are? Today is an opportunity to get in touch with them because they are what make you "special." They are one of the reasons you're here, and will lead you back to living the life you were born to live. God the universe or divine mind, didn't bring you here to sit on them, but rather to use them to shine light into the world. It's time to wake up and remember who you really are. When you do, all the magic of the universe will line up and support you in sharing them with the world. Time is of the essense, get going we need you!

With love and blessings,