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Miracle Signs From Jesus - My Story

Something very divine happened to me last year, and I wanted to share it with you because I think it’s comforting to know that God/Divine Source/Jesus, the Holy Spirit or whatever you choose to refer to it as, is very much present and bringing us signs in the most unlikely ways. Here is the story of how I got mine.

I had just started reading a book called “The Disappearance of the Universe,” by Gary Renard as given to him by ascended masters, St. Thomas and St. Thaddeus, that I was guided to read. It’s a book that busts all the illusions that we have bought into about everything, such as God, Jesus, ourselves, this life and what goes on in this dream we live.

It resonated with me so profoundly that it brought me closer to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For the first time in my life I was not conflicted about either and there were no more contradictions in my mind or heart. It washed away my stand-offish attitude about what Jesus really meant, which from these new teachings, based on the "Course In Miracles,"  cleared all reservations. I thought that evening I'd try something different in my nightly prayers. I asked Jesus/The Holy Spirit to bring me some kind of a sign, to correct my thinking regarding supply. I had just made a life changing move from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, NM and my ego mind was literally starting to “freak out” about whether I could really earn a living there and thrive, yes, I too get tested!

Eight months prior to this my Mother had passed away and after that I didn't feel I belonged in Los Angeles anymore, at least not then. I remembered back in the 90's I'd been given information that Santa Fe would be another, more spiritual place for me to live, so it became obvious as the days wore on that it was unquestionably  "a god-thing" to give it a try. I didn’t know a soul in Santa Fe, in fact had never been here in my life, but I was pulled to go because spirit was nudging me to.

By the time I actually moved to the "land of enchantment", I had the perfect living situation and a nice new family of friends. But, as the holidays came and went and we were suddenly into January 2010, I started having more concern about my financial situation and was feeling the crunch of the move and establishing myself in a new place. Of course at this point my human ego self was in full play, doubting if I could really be sucessful there, giving way to one more illusion I was being asked to bust.

So, I asked Jesus to come to me in my dreams or even just appear to me somehow so I’d know I was on the right track, then I forgot about it. The next day I had to take some photo’s of myself for a music project I was working on. I was asked to take some “Stills” with my guitar. Using my webcam, I simply took the shots sitting in front of my computer with a screen behind me. It seemed to be simple enough and I took about 6 of them. I didn’t really look at them until that evening when I decided to pick which ones I’d send to an editor friend in New York. When I pulled them up there were two in particular that stunned me. I thought for a moment I was seeing things, then I looked again and to my utter amazement there was a very visible image of a heart appearing on my guitar. I then looked at the next one and about fell off my chair. There was another image appearing but this one really took my breath away, it was also imaged on my guitar, only this one was the face or "Shroud of Jesus."

I blinked my eyes, closed it down, then brought it back up thinking I was just seeing things or tired. But there they were again both images of the Heart and Jesus on my guitar. I was so awestruck by this I sent them to some friends to see if I was crazy or seeing things. They called me right away, having clearly seen them too, and were just as awestruck as I. Ironically, that same night I happened to turn on the TV and PBS was doing a documentary of the “Shroud of Jesus.” There on the screen was my confirmation, the same image of Jesus as was on my guitar.

I asked for a sign and there it was. A "Heart" and "Jesus" letting me know that I was heard, that I was on the right track. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a more comforting, uplifting sign in my life, and I just wanted you to know that when you have a heart felt desire to experience the divine in a personal way and you simply ask with heartfelt sincerity, amazing things like this can happen to you too and more!

Here is the image of "The Shroud of Jesus" on my guitar.

And here is the image of the "Heart."


A quote from a Kabbalistic point of view, that says it so clearly:

"You don't lack a single thing. Your 1% reality may not reflect that truth, but beyond that, in the real world, you have everything you will ever want.

That reality is not in some far away place, or behind the pearly gates. It's here right now. Every time you remove a doubt, the veil is lifted and you can taste a little bit of that invisible eternal goodness spread out before you. Today, make this teaching come to life. How? Don't believe your negative thoughts!"