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The songs on this page are originals and are registered with the copyright office. They are a reflection of thoughts from past years, which you may find comfort in and relate to. I don't take credit for what comes through me for it all comes from God, I am simply a channel to bring it forth. Currently I'm working on a new collection of songs that are thought provoking and healing. In the coming days this new material will be available for you to hear, so stay tuned! Many blessings to you and thanks for listening.

Wings of a Prayer


What You Want


You're In My Heart

Come To Your Senses

Special thanks to Michael Orland for his beautiful piano arrangement and accompaniment on "Wings of a Prayer" and "What You Want," and to my collaborators Brian Seth Hurst on "Come To Your Senses," and Ron Jones on "You're In My Heart, the latter of which were produced by, Winn Meyerson and Greg Grebstein.