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Spiritual Chat ~

Last winter in Santa Fe I was asked to be a guest on a popular show called "Mind Over Matter," with host Mitch Friedman, who is a thriving Hypnotherapy Practitioner and owner of the metaphysical bookstore, "Mind Over Matter," located in downtown Santa Fe. 

Our conversation centered around what "Higher Self Communication" really is, giving viewers an idea of how to distinquish between the voice of ego, versus the voice of their higher self. In the process of learning techniques that open the way to receiving messages from the divine, I share a little about how to go beyond the ego mind in order to return to the true authentic self, which is the still small voice that guides our every step, if only we let it.

You can view this show in it's entirety by going to this link, There are 3 parts, so make sure you view parts II and III as well. Many thanks for watching, I hope something in the context gives you good food for thought, encourages or simply uplifts you!

Love & Blessings to you all,


Classes on "Higher Self Communication" for groups or friends are $50.00 per person for 1 hour and run for 6 weeks.