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During my sessions with Judy, I found her to be personally attuned as a Spiritual Advisor and Healer. She offers the extraordinary gift of healing on such a deep mental, emotional and spiritual level….Her advice has been so simple and clear that it is indisputable it's being channeled from divine source. Her special interest in healing on all levels is so nurturing you cannot help but feel the immediate results whether over the phone or in person... Money well spent!!! Highly recommended!! Marvin Rowland, Los Angeles, CA - Reiki Practitioner.



I  have been receiving spiritual counsel from Judy Quay for nearly a decade. Judy is a spiritual messenger walking the planet to help us simply wake up to who we really are. Her loving energy provides a safe place for others to open up to new ways of connecting to their souls purpose. Judy's understanding of the spiritual world is incredibly profound and god given. My life has changed because of the tools that I now have to connect to my spiritual guides.
Jennie Faye Shafer MA ~ Los Angeles, CA